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Deface Menggunakan Faveo Helpdesk Exploit

#Author : Ice-cream
#Date   : 07-04-2017
#tested : Linux ( Backbox ) , Windows 7
#thnks  : Grac3 - Pak Haxor - Konslet - Lastc0de - Sanjungan Jiwa - Typical Idiot Security

dork :
intext:"by Faveo" "Submit a Ticket"

[-]check ur email,and click link activation
[-]go to profile ( http://helpdesk.intisolusindojaya.com/public/client-profile )
[-]upload ur pic ( real pic dont use backdoor extension jpg )
[-]change extension jpg to php and change that jpg language or what ever i not understand about that to ur uploader or ur backdoor script use burpsuite
[-]if done.. click right on ur profile picture and copy link location

result :

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